Test stand technology series LDP/LTC

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Test stand technology

LDP series

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Test stand technology

LTC series

Static and dynamic torque measurement from 100 to 15,000 N·m

Test stand technology

The test stand technology series LDP/LTC

100 - 15,000 N·m

GEDORE Torque Solutions currently offers test stands in three sizes. From the stationary test bench to a mobile system. In order to establish the dynamic torques as accurately as possible, original wrenches are measured with all of the influencing factors that affect them.

Thus the established figure equates to the dynamic torque that is applied to the screw connection.

GEDORE Torque Solution's modular kit :

the test stands and the matching software can be combined as modules. Thus the user can choose from modules for graphic evaluation, languages, measuring units and database.

LTC series, 100 - 5,000 N·m

Torque measurement with our system

  • Rugged surface treatment
  • Reaction module for absorbing the reaction forces
  • Bolt adapter
  • Stable measurement block made of high-performance aluminium
  • Basic software included for static and dynamic torque measurement


With LTC you can rely on a tried-and-tested, practical measurement of your bolted cases. As in the larger LDP series the dynamic torque is determined using an original bolt. The supplied bolt adapter can be exchanged and replaced.

Static and dynamic torque measurements up to 5,000 N·m

  • Optional horizontal or vertical operation of the measurement shaft
  • Campatible with all static and dynamic wrenches


Static and dynamic bolting systems must be regularly checked for their torque accuracy. The Torque Check (LTC) system was developed for simple, mobile and professional dynamic torque measurement.