Side power wrench series LES/LPS

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Side power wrenches

LES series

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Side power wrench

LPS series

Space saving, efficient, special

Side power wrench

The side power wrench series LES/LPS

For fitting plate heat exchangers

GEDORE Torque Solutions side power wrenches fit and remove plate heat exchangers with absolute ease. The light, flat design adapts to the tightest spatial conditions with no supporting problems.

The GEDORE Torque Solutions side power wrench is available with electric and pneumatic operation.


Your choice: electric or pneumatic drive

  • Optimised design enables space-saving positioning parallel to the tie rod
  • Torque values readable on the label
  • Braked 360° pivoting drive unit enables simple positioning on the tie rod
  • Various wrench widths with reduction inserts ensure universal application options
  • Patented tandem gear pulley for secure transmission of  large torques up to 4800 N·m
  • Display with integrated counter and countdown function
  • Patented swith-off electronics protected against spray water and moisture