MAGIC 2017

workster smartline WSL-L7

Versatile and flexible: our new tool trolley

This nimble GEDORE tool trolley can be flexibly equipped, and is available by itself or with a high-quality, 147-piece range of tools in Check-Tool modules. A sound construction design, extreme manoeuvrability and various ways of stowing away tools and small parts ready-to-be-accessed turn the new workster into an indispensable aid. Seven broad fully extendable drawers and small trays on the working platform provide ample room. The intelligent workster also comes over well thanks to its sturdy, scratch-free coated structure and a drive/steer handle for easy and flexible manoeuvring even under a full load.


tried-and-tested - strong and mobile

The sturdy XL mobile workbench, which has proved its worth on innumerable occasions, is fitted out with a large-sized worktop, the 1050 mm wide top drawer has room enough for either an extremely long tool or six 1/3 modules of the GEDORE module system. All drawers can take weights of up to 40 kgs – even 60 kgs is the limit for the bottom drawer. The proven single-hand operation coupled with safety locking stops the drawers from unintentionally opening when the workbench is pushed. The heavy-duty chassis is mounted on roller bearings, its two Ø 125 mm flexible castors and two Ø 200 mm fixed castors ensure easy manoeuvrability. And finally its 700 kg static load capacity and capacity to take up to 500 kg under mobile deployment conditions make it a sturdy aid in any workshop.

Bit Box 666-U-20 with ratchet ¼“

Suitable for all screw fitting instances

This 35-piece 1/4" set is suited for all conventional screwed connections in mechanical and hand-operated use. As such, the sockets can be driven via an adapter with electric machines or directly via the 2093 U-20 ratchet. The 1/4" sockets are specially thin-walled and thus admirably suited for work in confined spaces. The tried-and-tested premium ratchet comes with the set which is delivered in a small, compact plastic cassette.


Ergonomic, versatile and resilient

The 8-piece GEDORE cranked screwdriver has the new T-handles in a 2-component design and with optimized ergonomics for a better transfer of force. The DT 2142 type has a double blade with the longer one having a ball end for those hard to-get-to places. Thanks to the longer lever arm a higher torque is transferred by the short blade - ideal for unscrewing stiff screws. The blades are made of GEDORE vanadium steel 61CrSiV5. The set includes the 8 most popular cranked 2 to 10 mm screwdrivers and is a MUST-HAVE for each and every workshop.

Plier set S 8393

From the practical world: GEDORE pliers set

The practical set is made up of a pair of universal pliers, a pair of power combination pliers and a power side cutter. All cutting pliers are fitted out with BCP = Best Cutting Power i.e. the optimum cutting point under perfect power utilisation is shown at the pliers head. The universal pair of pliers is 15-fold precision-adjustable and through the pliers head push-button both safe and easy to use. They rule out any unintentional adjustment or slipping when undertaking pipe work. The power combination pliers provide considerable leverage for ease in cutting all wires, including piano wire. The convex handle shape of the power side cutter ensures a high and even transfer of power. Its thin head also comes into own when space is at a premium.

Strap wrench 36

Transfers high extremely high torques and does not slip on smooth surfaces.

The new strap wrench 36 gently transfers high extremely high torques and does not slip on smooth surfaces.

  • The 36 1-140 is specifically for vehicle and sanitary work.
  • The 36 2-200 for utility vehicles and agricultural machines.



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