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Working flexibly with GEDORE

Mobility and flexibility have never been more important than today. Your tools and workshop equipment have to be able to keep up. With the current TOPSELLER GEDORE is introducing some innovations that allow you to easily take with you ratchet, socket...

GEDORE workster highline WHL-L7

A special workshop aid!

From the lift to the workbench and back to the balancer - rapid working is often called for as is the right service tool always being available. The workster highline is your mobile assistant when it’s a matter of being here, there and everywhere in the workshop. Thanks to the roll protecting edge, screws and other incidentals can be put down on the work top which also has special fixtures for spray cans and screwdrivers. Up to 40 kg of service tools can be put away in each of the two sizes of the fully extendable seven drawers. The square perforation at the sides allows additional accessories to be mounted. The workster highline is available both non-equipped and equipped with high-quality GEDORE tool modules. With a total load capacity up to 500 kg, it is extremely sturdy and stable. It is highly manoeuvrable thanks to the drive/steer handle and is easy to steer even when fully loaded.

On the go with GEDORE:

TC 19-MU-10, TC 19-20-MU-10 und TC 666-MU-20 socket sets in the textile bag

Sometimes lacking when wanting to be fully fitted out for maintenance or installation work is a space-saving way of transporting one’s service tools. That is why a variety of GEDORE socket sets now have their place in sturdy, lightweight cloth bags. Reversible ratchets, bits and matching accessories are embedded in foam modules. They can be directly inserted into the drawers of the GEDORE tool trolleys. The strong velcro fastener stops the bags accidentally opening when being carried. Those who have always wanted to have their GEDORE socket sets handy when on the go are in the right place here.

If a little more force is needed ...

GEDORE 1993 TU-10 telescopic reversible ratchet

It happens with in the workshop on a dailiy basis: a severly corroded, ultra-tight screw. This is where the GEDORE telescopic reversible ratchet of chrome-plated 31CrV3 vanadium steel with a non-slip dual-component handle can help out. In just a few simple movements the right lever can be safely set. The telescopic reversible ratchet can be adjusted in eight steps from 400 mm to 600 mm. The control lever ensures a one-handed step change. This is down to the lever automatically clicking into place for clockwise or anti-clockwise operations. Locking is undertaken at the centre position. Thanks to the push-button release, hand-operated sockets and ball-locked connectors are securely attached to the ratchet. The telescopic reversible ratchet has a 7.5° return angle. Being particularly ergonomic it provides more freedom of movement when you are working.

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