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Available in the GEDORE @work range are not only tool cases and belts with a host of optional bags, holsters and hooks but also rucksacks and tool vests. Tools are securely kept in them and are always to hand when needed.

There are lots of great transportation solutions from the company to the place of work. WORKMO® and the Mixx&Click system are GEDORE’s modular, mobile tool storage systems. Where to do with all the tools when you are on a ladder, on a top-floor gable, in the pit or under the hydraulic lift? That’s when you need a central, mobile tray or store for tools and incidentals.

All @work products ensure no freedom-of-movement restrictions, tool weight optimum distribution and every bag holding what it is meant to hold. Thus the material is particularly rugged, long-lasting, easy to clean and with the capacity to take up considerable loads. All made possible thanks to a smart mix of leather and synthetics and reinforced base inserts. As such, even large, heavy bags remain stable with no wearing through of the bottom or sides.

All bags are finished in double-stitch safety seams. Attached holders and bag covers are even reinforced, in part, with safety rivets. Nothing gets lost thanks to absolutely secure fasteners. Tools and incidentals, such as bits and screws, remain in place.

GEDORE @work at a glance

And the best thing is that all bags, holsters and belts of the @work series are combinable. Besides the extended functions, diversity and appearance have undergone changes. Along with the new bags and scope for individualisation, the tried-and-tested @work products have also been redesigned.

Current @work products


  • Leather pocket for knives
  • Hammer holder with metal hooks
  • Hook for tape measure
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WT 1056 13 TOOL VEST

  • Universal size with 4 lateral buckles
  • Tear-resistant polyester fabric and suede
  • Tools not supplied
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  • Robust textile bag with a strong Velcro fastening and handle
  • Textile bag compatible with GEDORE module system 1500 CT
  • Of splash-proof canvass
  • Tools not supplied
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@work in the currect issue of GEDORE Selection MOBILITY

Discover the complete @work program in the new issue of GEDORE Selection MOBILITY.

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System Overview

In order to cope the increasing mobility requirements in industry and trade, GEDORE offers with its WorkMo® system a flexible solution for a safe and fast transport.

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Tools, machines and material must be easily, safely, quickly and conveniently transported to the place of use i.e. in a preferably resources-saving manner. Lengthy loading times must be avoided at all costs - guaranteed load securing is a pre-condition here! GEDORE's Sortimo® transport box system relies on a tried-and-tested mobility standard. The perfect alliance for intelligent, efficient process and project design planning.

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