GEDORE in Contorion brand ranking

Customers vote on the traditional brand from Remscheid

Since 2016, tradesmen have been choosing the 25 most popular brands in 10 categories. The annual Contorion brand ranking shows which of the professionals have been able to hold their own in practice. GEDORE was there from the beginning and, thanks to the tremendous trust of its users, is always among the top 3.

Participants in the Contorion brand ranking vote for 25 brands in ten categories. Including the big players in the industry – and of course, GEDORE is there too. Once again, the traditional company from Remscheid is among the top 3 in the categories of Tools for vehicles, Pliers and Workshop trolleys.



Our highlight in the category Tools for cars

HIGH POWER Universal-Abzieher 1.04/HP

The name is the programme. GEDORE HP pullers are extremely strong, and prove their tensile strength even under the toughest conditions. Hot dropped-forged puller hooks, special geometry and the tempered cross-beam make this workshop helper so special. The HIGH POWER Universal puller can handle double the tensile strength, and makes working on wheel hubs, ball bearings, gear wheels and so on very easy, clean and comfortable.



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Our highlight in the category Pliers

SB 183 10 JC: Wrench and pliers in one

Chrome-plated surfaces need to be fitted and bolted with the greatest care. The new GEDORE pliers wrench SB 183 10 JC with smooth paralleled jaws leaves no marks at all on fittings. Despite the material-friendly construction, the plier wrench has a hefty grip. And yet the wrench is notable for its excellent pressing and clamping force, and is ideal for all bending, holding, pressing and gripping tasks. The SB 183 10 JC is available in the current BLUE DEAL exclusively from selected retailers.



The plier wrench in the BLUE DEAL

Our highlight in the category Workshop trolleys

GEDORE 2005: essential helper in the workshop

Daily life in the workshop increasingly demands mobile, flexible helpers that support fast, clean working. In the workshop trolleys in the series 2005, GEDORE offers a solution that was developed specifically with an eye to the user. Order thanks to the compatible foam inserts and tool modules, strong surface, high total load capacity and the ultra-strong GEDORE chassis are just a few of the advantages of the 2005 workshop trolleys.



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"Tools for Life" - GEDORE tools stand for excellent quality, performance and reliability. This product promise sets standards in product development and manufacturing. The tool manufacturer sees results of the brand ranking both as confirmation of what the company has achieved, and as its motivation for constant, sustained optimisation and improvement.