GEDORE and the 5S method

5S - continuous improvement at the works

Throughout industry, reducing waste of all kinds is an inherent part of the process of continuous improvement. An essential factor in it is an organised workspace, and with that the smooth functioning of work sequences. The 5S method is a standardised procedure consisting of five steps for the introduction and implementation of permanent workplace organisation.

5S method

Adding value for companies

The organisation of the workplace and its consequences enable companies, or rather their staff, to concentrate on activities that create value. For instance, the successful implementation of the 5S method can reduce the time spent on finding materials and tools, transit times and logistical activities, and limit downtime. These types of waste, i.e. time, money and materials, are often the cause of suboptimal operational processes. The result for a business that is based on the 5S method: productivity increases in the optimised area.

Implementation of the 5S method

5 rules in productive operations

  1. 1. SORT
    Carefully sort out the workspace. Anything that is not essential for performing one's tasks is a waste of space and time.

  2. 2. SET IN ORDER
    The remaining tools that are required are kept within easy reach. Clear labelling ensures it soon becomes obvious if any items are missing.

  3. 3. SHINE
    The organised work space is put in order and cleaned. This order is maintained in current operations.

    Defining methods for observing the rules (define responsibilities, create inspection plans etc.) results in a standard that everyone can follow.

    Any deviations from the standard are dealt with to ensure continuous improvement. If required, the 5S cycle starts again.

The introduction and implementation of the 5S method is not a linear procedure, but is to be understood as a cycle in which waste is constantly identified and dealt with in favour of optimised processes.

Using 5S against 7 types of waste

The consequences for a company that aligns its processes to the 5S method are an increase in efficiency and productivity. At operational level, this affects seven types of waste that can be exposed and dealt with:

  • Transportation
  • Inventories
  • Motion
  • Waiting
  • Over-production
  • Suboptimal technologies and processes
  • Defects and rework

Positive side effect

As well as avoiding waste, introduction of the 5S method can also benefit other areas of the company. The order and cleanliness required for the organisation of the work space usually also results in an increase in occupational safety, for instance by improving ergonomics and with seamless maintenance.

Staff motivation also increases in many cases, as well as individual productivity and the quality of work.

Work space organisation with GEDORE

GEDORE offers a range of products and systems that can help to organise a work space, starting from tool storage and modular transport solutions to foam inserts for drawers. GEDORE products can be individualised, and so tailored to the requirements of any business in line with the 5S rules for sorting, setting in order, shining, standardising and sustaining.

GEDORE Check-Tool inserts

Perfect tool organisation
in every drawer

In a well organised work space, everything is instantly to hand and in sight. And every tool has a permanent, clearly allocated space in GEDORE foam inserts. The practical workshop helpers are available with full sets of tools, or else can be individually configured as desired.

The inserts can be combined with any tool trolley, any mobile workbench in the WORKMO® series and with the GEDORE L-BOXXes, so there are numerous options for layouts and organisation. Drawers can be equipped and organised to suit the area of use and workspace.

Storage systemisation

  • Optical completeness thanks to the 2-tone foam inserts
  • Tools are stored safely in a permanent place in the standard-appropriate hollows
  • Handle recesses make it easy to remove and return the tools
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Inserts are easy to clean
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iMOD - individualised order

  • Create your own individual foam inserts with the iMOD foam module configurator
  • Tailored to the operating requirements in line with 5S
  • Choose your individual items
  • Design to company requirements
  • Adapt sizes to tool trolley or other form of storage
All about iMOD

Create working space instead of storage space

Mobile and stationary
order with GEDORE
tool storage

GEDORE Check-Tool inserts are cut perfectly to provide solutions for tool storage. Tool trolleys and mobile workbenches made by GEDORE are a good option for avoiding unnecessary storage space in the workspace, and organising tools as appropriate for work and tasks.

In combination with the modular tool trolleys in the WORKMO® series or the GEDORE L-BOXXes, powered by Sortimo®, even a mobile workspace can be set up to 5S.

For stationary workspaces

  • Extremely robust, scratch and impact-resistant, corrosion-proof and easy to care for
  • Numerous models to reflect use and individual requirements
  • Varied, optional accessories available for flexible extension of all the basic models
  • Can be extended with filled, empty or individualised GEDORE Check-Tool inserts
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Mobile workplace organisation

  • MIXX&CLICK is the intelligent mobile solution for tool transportation
  • Based on the Sortimo® BOXX system
  • L-BOXX® individually equipped with 1/2 and 2/2 Check-Tool modules
  • Individual expansion by the addition of various items such as rollers
More about MIXX&CLICK

Making the base mobile

  • GEDORE textile bags for or with GEDORE CT inserts
  • Foam modules empty or including filled foam modules
  • Simply exchange the modules between tool trolley and textile bag
  • Safe transportation in the textile bag with the resilient waterproof surface
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Workspace organisation also with GEDORE red

The smart entry to 5S

For those wishing to find a realistically-priced changeover of their operations to the 5S method, GEDORE red solutions are the perfect solution. The two master joiners at "Jack & Lucy" demonstrate in their own workshop how to introduce order into the creative or productive chaos.

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