100 years of GEDORE

Competence in tools since 1919

Whirring robot arms, automated production lines and supercomputers – there's progress in every corner of the GEDORE tool factory. On the other hand, steel, heavy drop hammers that crash down onto the dies and glowing blanks. Despite all the development, it's almost impossible to imagine this traditional manufacturer producing tools without all this. The company, which is based in Remscheid in Germany, has been manufacturing its tools at the Lüttringhausen site since 1919 using old forging methods, bundling 100 years of tool competence.

Under the motto of "Inspired by tradition - forging the future", the tool manufacturer GEDORE of Remscheid in Germany is celebrating its 100-year anniversary this year, and looking back on the company's eventful and successful history. The family company has been producing high-quality tools, special tools and tailor-made solutions for versatile, safe and professional use by industry and trade since it was founded in 1919. With over 16,000 products, GEDORE today has one of the most comprehensive offers of any European tool manufacturer, and is one of the world's leading providers in the premium range.

The tools quickly found favour amongst rapidly-growing trade and industrial companies and the early automotive industry. After only a short time the original smithy had become too small, and in 1926 the company relocated to Stursberger Höhe in Remscheid-Lüttringhausen – which remains its base to this day.

Today the company is a global group with more than 2,300 employees in over 70 countries. Despite this tremendous growth, the company is still owned by the family: Karen Dowidat, granddaughter of the company founder Dowidat, has been the CEO since 2000. Together with her son Christian Dowidat, who was appointed member of the management board of GEDORE Holding GmbH by shareholder resolution with effect from 12.02.2019, the Dowidat family continues steadfastly along the path of earlier generations. Dr. Christian Dowidat has been with the company for five years now, and is preparing to take on the overall responsibility for it. He is in charge of the division "(B)usiness (I)nnovation (G)EDORE – BIG", and is continuing the company's long tradition.



Witnesses to history


After 100 years of the company's history, mementos such as historic pictures and old prints are some of the particularly precious items in the archives. And after such a long time, they are often the only witnesses that provide an insight into the old times. Such as the "GEDORE Informations-Dienst", the forerunner to our newsletter of today.

Comeback for GEDORE Testimonial

GEDORE was inspired by these witnesses to history, and has developed a very special design element just for the anniversary year: for 12 months, one of the oldest GEDORE testimonials will be brought back to life and adorn the tool manufacturer's communications.



Combining the nostalgic with the practical: GEDORE is not only celebrating its 100th anniversary with the founding family and staff, but also with GEDORE users and tool fans. The 100-years design element will be used on a special edition designed just for the purpose, with fan articles including wall calendars, enamel signs, bread boxes and metal cups.




Based on 100 years of experience and in line with its motto of "From tradition into the future," GEDORE will continue to follow the aim of providing people with high-quality products, excellent service, innovative solutions, commitment and passion.

With this in mind, the tool manufacturer will continue to produce and optimise tried-and-tested items such as spanners and tool trolleys. At the same time, the range is being extended to contemporary standards. To mark the occasion of its 100th anniversary, GEDORE has also launched a limited edition of selected tools on the marked – available, incidentally, exclusively from our Blue Deal retailers or online.

The highlights for 2019 are without doubt the anniversary tools and products in a special design and with new optimised functions. In the 69-piece socket wrench set ¼"+1/2" 19 BMC 20, GEDORE is for the first time offering a comprehensive set of tools in a strong yet lightweight plastic case. One of the most popular torque wrenches is the 3550 UK-LS4 Torcoflex UK in a set with impact sockets with a protective sleeve and with a working accuracy of +/- 3% that exceeds the requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017. A brand new addition to the programme is the die LED/UV lamp 900 20 by GEDORE, infinitely adjustable and dimmable, and variable from LED light to UV light in blue-violet.

GEDORE Essentials - classics reinvented

8563-N-05 Torque wrench DREMOMETER DRN set ¾”

The GEDORE 3/4" torque wrench with extension tube and with a DIN EN ISO 6789:2017-based test certificate permits controlled screw tightening from 155 to 760 N·m and is an optimum drive tool for socket wrench sets. The easy-to-operate torque setting to be fixed to the handle end ensures precision work. Repetition-accurate and precise - thanks to vernier scale with magnifying glass and a 1/10 display from which the set torque value can be read off at a glance. Controlled retightening with fixed 3/4" output drive together with clockwise-rotating 3/4" add-on ratchet. With a +/-3% working accuracy tolerance from the scale value set, GEDORE DREMOMETER lie above the +/-4% requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017.



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3550 UK-LS4 Torque wrench Torcoflex UK set ½”

The GEDORE 1/2" TORCOFLEX UK with test certificate in acc. with DIN EN ISO 6789:2017 is for controlled screw tightening from 40 to 200 N·m and represents an optimum drive tool for socket wrench sets. The easy-to-operate torque setting to be fixed to the handle end ensures precision work. Highly suited for car tyre changing given its 1/2" extension and impact sockets with protective sleeve in the 17, 19 and 21 mm sizes. Controlled re-tightening and unscrewing with integrated 1/2" output drive - the integrated bi-directional TORCOFLEX makes this possible. With a +/-3% working accuracy tolerance from the scale value set, GEDORE TORCOFLEX lie above the +/-4% requirements of DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017.



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GTT B-S-177 Tool trolley with tool assortment 177 pieces

The tool set together with the safe, clearly arranged, mobile GEDORE GTT B-7 tool trolley is extensively equipped in metric sizes for any automobile repair shop or mechanic’s garage. The seven 640 mm wide and 400 mm deep drawers - of which two are already fitted out with a 93-piece screwdriver and a 79-piece socket wrench set - hold up to 60 kg. A telescopic full extender provides you with a view at all times of everything in the drawer. Five of the drawers are ideal for hand tools and can be individually partitioned with GEDORE’s lengthwise dividers. The bottom drawer can also accommodate bigger tools and equipment.



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The GEDORE 3C screwdriver set is for a controlled undoing and tightening of slotted head and cross-slotted screws, PH design. The die-cast 3-component handles, Power-Grip3, ensure a hands-friendly transfer of power during the work. The practical drive type and size markings on the Power-Grip3 handle end ensure that the right screwdriver is quickly accessed - even with the blade tip hidden - e.g. in the wallet or case. The phase tester in the set is for 220-250 alternating voltage, and is fully insulated conforming to DIN VDE 0680-6.

GEDORE Essentials - new products

19 BMC 20 Socket wrench set ¼“+1/2“ 69 pieces

The new GEDORE 1/4"+1/2" socket wrench set ideal for industry, the automotive field, do-it-yourselfers & hobby mechanics. The droplet-like head of the reversible ratchets make this set ideal for the tightest of bolting positions. The reversible ratchets feature a dual material handle, lever change and press-button release for easy, rapid and safe working. A multitude of applications possible thanks to the diversity of the 1/4" and 1/2" socket wrench hexagon set with all metric sizes from 4-32 mm and bit set for the most popular drives, such as slot, PH, PZ, TX, XZN & in-hex.



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900 20 Lamp LED LI-MH

The GEDORE LED/UV 900 20 lamp is for a variety of uses and impresses thanks to its extra functions and slim design. It is continuously dimmable and switchable in blue-violet from LED to UV light (for tracking leaks e.g. in air-conditioners and heat pumps). The strong magnet at the 45° adjustable foot allows the lamp to be fastened in any position on all ferro-magnetic bases. Moreover, a strong tip mini-magnet is for angling missing incidental parts at difficult-to-access spots. Swing-out hooks on both sides facilitate handling at various points and during a two-handed operation. Charging at a power socket or at any USB interface is made easy by the supplied power pack and cable.



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1101-1.04/SEB-08 Universal puller set

The GEDORE 101-1.04/SEB-08 puller set is ideal for alternating pulling/extracting due to clamping reaches continuously up to 1340mm and clamping depths down to 100, 200, 250 and 350mm. The slim hooked  feet are a great help when working in confined spaces. A striking feature of the puller set is its long life and high safety reserves on account of the hot drop-forged cross-beams, legs and extensions. The various supplied components permit a combination of 8 different pullers. Leg brake, quick-release clamp and the scale facilitate and shorten the work of puller aligning and adjustment.



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On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, GEDORE is celebrating its traditions and values – but without losing sight of its future viability. This goes hand-in-hand with a clear strategy by the management:



„We think globally, we act locally. All our global plans are shaped by a respect for regional differences and by a sensitivity for people's states of mind and expectations in different countries and cultural circles. We always base what we do on the requirements of our customers and the applications, and tailor the development – in many cases quite specifically – to them.“

Chris Metzler, Managing Director


GEDORE once again realigned itself to this claim in April with the GEDORE brand and the two product lines GEDORE and GEDORE red for tools, and the OCHSENKOPF brand for forestry and carpentry tools.

As a successfully operating, future-orientated company, brand and customer proximity along with social responsibility are key features of the family company's culture and values system. “We firmly believe that every person in every part of the world who needs tools deserves to have access to quality tools. We want to feel responsible for this, and exactly this is what is facilitated by the new line under the GEDORE brand on every market ," explains Chris Metzler.

All over the world, "Made by GEDORE" stands for customer proximity, innovation, performance and reliability. Qualified staff, intelligent constructions, first-class materials and modern manufacturing methods will continue to be the foundations of GEDORE's quality promise in order to develop tools for life.