Progress reports

Progress reports

The key to success lies in qualified training

Over 90% of our management posts are occupied internally.

The key to success here lies very much in a readiness to perform, self-initiative, commitment and well-founded knowledge coupled with the will to continually develop oneself occupationally!

Bozena Raabe, Assistant to the Financial Executive Officer

I started my 3-year training as an industrial business management assistant at GEDORE in 1997. Following the successful conclusion of my training in the year 2000, I first started work as an administrator in our Financial Accounts Department. This interesting field was behind my decision to deepen my knowledge in it. This explains my decision to go on the one-year further training course at the Steuerfachschule Endriss in Wuppertal, culminating in the "Balance sheet accountant" qualification. At the same time I studied for the IHK qualification as a "State-accredited balance sheet accountant". On having passed both these examinations, I was offered the post as "Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer" in the holding company of the GEDORE Group. This demanding field of operations allows me to make full use of my knowledge at all times. I feel that with this qualified training I am in a position to effectively support Management and am glad that I went down this path.

GEDORE Karriere Erfahrungberichte Bozena Raabe

Stefan de Groote, Production Manager

I started as a trainee at GEDORE in 1983. Following my training as a skilled operative, I was taken on at GEDORE as a technical draughtsman. Here I felt I should be doing more and so I started a 4-year stint of evening classes to become a state-accredited mechanical engineering technician focussing on production technology at the technical college in Remscheid. On completing this training course, I became head of a task force in Design that focused on customised machinery and fixture construction. Thanks to my commitment and knowledge I became a production manager with the company. Following a year of familiarisation, I was given the commercial authority for this post. Today I am proud to be able to actively support corporate management in my function as Production Manager with commercial authority on the Board of Directors.

Karriere bei GEDORE Erfahrungsbericht Stefan de Groote Produktionsleiter

Hans-Eckhard Mohr, Head of the Tooling Department

On starting my 3-year training as a tool fitter for punching and metal forming technology in 1981, I had no idea how quickly the manufacturing techniques in my field of work would develop. However, I looked upon this as a challenge, and familiarised myself with CNC technology after successfully finishing my course of training. Numerous courses enabled me to continually extend my knowledge, and were largely responsible for me being appointed as Tooling Construction Foreman in 1997. Further training as a technologist allowed me to reach an important step in my career in the year 2000 - I was appointed Head of Tool Construction with responsibility for attending to the technical and industrial apprentices. I trust I have been able to make it clear to young people how important self-initiative is in obtaining a good occupational qualification.

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