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Whether long downtimes or tough constant use, the strong, resilient manufacture of the DREMOMETER by GEDORE guarantees maximum precision and a long lifetime.



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GEDORE must-haves

Blue Deal 2018/2019

This means 76 product highlights from the GEDORE range that are now available exclusively from selected retail partners. Find out how you can become...

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GEDORE red Impulse

Tool Promotion

Tools - automotive - storage. The first GEDORE red promotion offers everything any professional user's heart could desire. Twenty-eight product highlights on 20 pages, including our all-round talent, the 172-piece socket set, the new 3-piece GEDORE...

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Mobility and flexibility have never been more important than today. WORKMO® and MIXX&CLICK® are mobile solutions for individual requirements made by GEDORE. Tool trolleys, L-BOXX®es and accessories in the current edition of GEDORE Selection -...


BEST BRAND utility vehicle service

For the fifth time, several hundred readers have chosen the best brands for utility vehicle service. The results were published in issue 03/2018 of Werkstatt aktuell. GEDORE thanks readers for their trust – and for placing them among the first 3 in the category "Tools".



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TOUR test winner

GEDORE Torcofix K 5-25

"Reference in precision, handling and manufacture" was TOUR magazine's opinion of the GEDORE torque wrench Torcofix K 5-25. The strong, adjustable torque wrench with integrated ratchet function clearly not only convinced in the test with the best possible rating of 1.5, but above all also in practice with industry and trade. GEDORE says "Thank you", and takes this as its inspiration for further quality products in the field of torque.

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Pliers wrench SB 183 10 JC

Wrench and pliers in one

Scratches on a chrome surface? Assembly and bolting tasks can now be carried out without damaging the material with the new GEDORE pliers wrench. For instance, the smooth, paralleled jaws will leave no marks on fittings. And yet the pliers wrench is notable for its excellent pressing and clamping force, and ideal for all bending, holding, pressing and gripping tasks. An ingenious combination of wrench and pliers.

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Torsion bit set 666-042

Getting the hang of it

Bits can really try your patience: connections are often worked mechanically which causes wear; bolt heads fray, or the bit keeps slipping out of the screw head. Bits with a torsion zone are ideal for use in powered screwdrivers as they optimally cushion the loads and absorb peak torques. They are twist-proof, which makes them extremely durable. Bolt and machine are protected, which greatly increases the lifetimes. The new 42-piece torsion bit set contains a universal composition of bits in 3 different lengths and 2 driver adapters for 1/4" and 3/8" drive.



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GEDORE South Africa

Track and rallye racing

Maximum motor power: the Shield Racing team counts on GEDORE South Africa when it all comes down to the track.


The success story continues

A short film about the history of GEDORE.